Apple Fitness Review

Apple Fitness+ began as an alternative to Peloton, and has grown into a comprehensive workout service, featuring outdoor walking and running workouts as well as yoga, core workouts, cardio training classes such as indoor cycling or rowing classes, meditation and mindfulness sessions. Apple Fitness+’s Collections section organizes series with specific themes such as Level Up Your Core Training or Start Your Day Off Right With Energy and Gratitude.


Apple Fitness+ offers an expansive selection of workout classes that can be completed without equipment (some yoga and core workouts require mats) or with your own exercise equipment at home. Some are tailored towards specific types of exercises such as strength or treadmill running exercises.

Follow curated collections that suggest certain workouts over weeks or months – this can be especially helpful for people reentering fitness after an absence, or who prefer more structure when approaching fitness.

Example workouts designed specifically to commemorate Black History Month include this heart-thumping workout featuring hip-hop and R&B hits by artists such as Luther Vandross and Marvin Gaye that will get your blood pumping. You’ll find this workout and many others under Artist Spotlight collection. Other targeted muscle group or tempo options exist as well, like this core-centric session featuring music by Queen, Bananarama and UB40 from 1980s pop icons Queen, Bananarama and UB40 – available under Artist Spotlight collection.


Collections enable Apple Fitness+ subscribers to make more strategic workout choices over several days or weeks by opening the Fitness app and tapping Collections at the bottom of the screen.

Collections can include workouts from different exercise categories. For instance, the Pilates for More Than Your Core collection provides workouts designed to tone the entire body using bodyweight training and resistance bands.

Apple also provides collections tailored towards specific goals and themes. For instance, there’s the 6 Weeks to Restart Your Fitness series of workouts designed to help create new fitness habits; and an Exercise collection called Get Ready for Snow Season which includes workouts you can perform both on a treadmill and mountain bike.


Apple instructors are energetic and enthusiastic, creating classes that feel more like communities than apps. In addition to offering high intensity interval training (HIIT), yoga, strength and lower impact workout options for older adults and beginners.

Time to Walk, an audio experience designed specifically to present notable figures strolling for an allotted amount of time while sharing stories and photographs from their life is one such unique feature of Spotify Premium. Each episode also comes complete with playlist of their preferred songs to complete the experience.

Apple Fitness Plus provides a diverse range of workouts and is always adding fresh content, making it a suitable solution for people who appreciate structured routines with constant motivational push. Furthermore, this app may appeal to those who do not enjoy physically exercising on a regular basis or struggle to make time to exercise regularly.


Apple Fitness+ offers a diverse selection of video workouts, including yoga, strength training and cycling. In addition, guided meditations are included as well as an introduction program designed to familiarize users with basic exercise concepts.

Time to Walk and Time to Run are two unique features, offering audio-guided walks or runs led by celebrities or inspirational figures, featuring celebrity interviews as well as brief photos taken during each workout session. Sessions also include interviews and photos from landmarks that they pass during their workout routine.

Workout videos come equipped with synced Apple Watch data and on-screen metrics like heart rate. Plus, an optional Burn Bar setting lets you see how your effort compares with others who have completed the workout (available on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV with tvOS 15 required)! Plus if you subscribe to Apple Music playlists are specially curated for lifting, running, HIIT and yoga exercises!

AirPods Pro

Apple’s AirPods Pro earbuds provide superior sound quality. When listening to Elton John’s “Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters,” for instance, these buds deliver smooth vocals and distinct harmonies with clear separations between individual notes. Big Thief’s “Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You” was rendered equally well.

The second-generation AirPods Pro boast a new H2 chip to improve noise cancellation and audio quality, and support a feature called Personalized Spatial Audio which uses your iPhone’s TrueDepth camera to scan the area and create a 3-dimensional spatial sound experience.

Apple includes four sets of ear tips to ensure an ideal fit and ensure effortless wireless charging.

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