Different Types Of Fitness Equipment To Choose From

When you’re ready to invest in home fitness equipment for your home gym or fitness center, one of the most important things to consider is the price tag. Price isn’t the only factor to consider when purchasing a home fitness gym, however. Quality and reliability are just as important as the price tag. Read on to learn more about treadmills, ellipticals, exercise balls, resistance equipment, and other types of workout equipment for the home gym or fitness room.

Price probably is the number one factor in determining your overall investment in home fitness equipment, particularly something as expensive and as large as a treadmill. However, it’s important to purchase the best quality treadmill that you can afford. A top quality treadmill will be quiet, comfortable, easy to use, and last a very long time.

When considering exercise equipment for the home fitness gym, there are many choices to make, including treadmills, ellipticals, exercise bikes, step machines, and even console exercise equipment such as exercise balls and heart rate monitors. If you want to workout on a large floor area at home, you may want to choose an exercise ball or treadmill over an elliptical or step machine. For those who like to workout on two feet, a treadmill or an elliptical will provide more convenience and comfort.

Exercise bikes are another popular choice when it comes to home treadmills. These cycles give the same benefits of walking on a running surface with a much smaller shock to the joints. There are two main types of exercise bikes – upright (pedal) models and recumbent (back) models. If you opt for a recumbent bike, it should be made of a very comfortable fabric, with a smooth, padded seat and easy adjustment options for tension. You can also find higher-end models with special features such as an interactive workout program and built-in fans.

Treadmills, whether you are working out on an exercise bike or a stationary machine at your favorite fitness club, have been designed for those who prefer a high degree of mobility and cushioning. A good-quality treadmill is almost like walking on air for many people, with very little impact on the body. Higher-end treadmills also offer the advantage of variable incline, which lets you vary your walking speed and direction. The built-in electronic features will keep track of your heart rate and other factors, while the hand-grips let you exercise without having to hold onto a single part of the machine.

Ellipticals and step machines are another type of fitness equipment that are designed for those who like to get up and go with minimal effort. These fitness machines simulate jogging or walking by using a set of springs. They are available in both straight and curved shapes, with varying degrees of “travel”. They usually measure between ten and twenty inches wide, and between ten and twenty inches long.