How to Choose the Best Fitness App

An effective fitness app can motivate and keep you on the path towards reaching your fitness goals. Before making this selection, it is essential to assess your personal requirements.

This app provides randomized workout sessions from five to 30 minutes that can be completed anywhere and has full training plans for every activity.

7-Minute Workout

7-Minute Workout is an app created to fit into your busy lifestyle. With free and paid options available, this comprehensive full-body workout provides both exercises via video and text for full body toning as well as personalization and tracking of workouts.

This app provides a rapid-fire series of 12 bodyweight exercises, such as jumping jacks and planks, that target major muscle groups. Each exercise cycles between working opposing muscle groups before resting them for maximum heart rate variability.

This workout is based on research showing that high-intensity exercise in seven minutes or less can provide similar benefits as traditional training, including increasing strength and cardiorespiratory fitness while supporting weight loss when combined with healthy diet. Furthermore, all it requires to get going is a chair and wall for performance; making this option less intimidating than gym workouts!

Nike Training Club

The Nike Training Club app is an invaluable fitness resource designed to meet all ages, genders and fitness levels. Offering over 185 workouts from world-class Nike master trainers & athletes – with an easy set-up process asking just three questions about lifestyle & workout preferences – the app provides workouts tailored specifically for you!

The app also offers an array of workout programmes, from at-home exercises without equipment to those requiring gym memberships. Its programmed workout options are especially helpful for those who appreciate structure in their fitness regimes and wish to see immediate results of their hard work over time.

This app not only provides tips for nutrition and wellness, but also gives users motivation and encouragement through weekly stories of featured Nike athletes. With such comprehensiveness comes strong competition for top-of-the-line paid fitness apps; in particular it boasts an impressive on-demand library including strength training classes such as yoga or high intensity interval training (HIIT).


No matter your mode of exercise – running, cycling or swimming – Strava provides users with a way to collect exercise data on various devices in one central place and connect with fellow members of its large exercise social network, giving out “kudos” for workouts completed.

Strava provides the basic version of its service to track runs, rides and 30 different sports. However, for those looking to elevate their training experience further, subscription is available which provides detailed maps and performance stats which help identify patterns such as overtraining or fitness gains.

Relative Effort, which uses heart rate to measure workout intensity, offers customized effort ranges to help avoid injury and overtraining, keeping your training focused and in its optimal state. Additional premium features may also include real-time performance comparisons against KOMs and QOMs on Strava segments – offering some people added motivation.

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