Ido Fishman Reveals Why You Can’t Figure out the Cause of Your Obesity

Obesity is one problem. Being obese and not knowing what’s causing is an even bigger problem. Do you find yourself wondering about your cause of obesity too often? If so, you are not alone in that dilemma. There are many others who feel the same way about their weight. They don’t know why they can’t lose weight or what’s causing them to gain weight so fast. It’s a serious situation and one that requires an immediate solution before it starts hurting you.

Ido Fishman says that a lot of people can’t figure out why they are gaining weight because they don’t know much about the foods they are eating. In a lot of the cases, people don’t consider certain foods to be fattening but they are more fattening than anything else you eat in a day. So, here is a list of some of those foods. See if you can find one that you eat regularly without knowing its harmful effects.

Soda Drinks and Artificially Flavored Juices

The colorful drinks you see inside the refrigerator of your nearby store are more harmful than you think. A small juice pack might not seem like much but if you look at its ingredients, you will be shocked. These juices contain a lot of sugar in them. More importantly, there is nothing nutritious about them. They also have a psychological effect on people, that is, they make you feel as though you are just drinking water with some sugar in it. However, they are filling your body with sugars while offering no nutrition, which means you will be hungry very soon after having one.

Soda drinks are the biggest culprits according to Ido Fishman. The addition of soda or carbon in these drinks causes then to taste bitter. The manufacturers of these products have to put a lot of sugar in them to make them taste good. By drinking a 250ml of soda drink, you might end up putting 6 teaspoons of sugar in your body.

Baked Items from the Bakery

What you make at home is a different thing. However, if you have a favorite bakery near your house and you eat something from it every day, you are causing yourself a lot of damage. Bakery items are usually prepared with a lot of refined sugar, plenty of butter, and more than enough salt in them. In other words, all the things that you should avoid or eat moderately when you are on a diet are there in these bakery items. You might think you have only two small chicken patties, but you have filled yourself with lots of salt and butter.

Whipped cream, icing sugar, and cheese are some other items you find more often than not when you eat bakery items. If you are pursuing a healthy lifestyle, you have to say no to do these things.

Snacks in the Bags

If you want to talk about the devastation caused by processed foods, you have to mention the bagged chips and snacks. Everything that comes inside a big puffy bag and makes a crunch sound when you eat it is loaded with salts and minerals. This can be extremely dangerous for your heart health. Keep in mind that salt makes foods taste good and there is a lot of sodium in these snacks. You end up eating more salt in a bag of snacks than you are supposed to eat in the entire day.

Ido Fishman says that eating these bagged snacks with a soda drink on the side is probably the worst type of food you can put in your body.

Final Thoughts

So, you might think you are on a great diet, but if you look at the foods you are eating and find any of these items on there, you are making a huge mistake. It’s not just pizzas and burgers that constitute the list of junk foods. Sugar drinks, bags of potato crisps, and bakery items can be just as harmful as the usual suspects.

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