Beauty and Wellness – How the Two Are Intertwined

Beauty and wellness are becoming one, creating a holistic combination that not only takes into account the products applied on the surface but also takes into account one’s habits, choices and lifestyle.

This convergence trend will remain a top priority for retailers and brands alike. Piper Sandler has even created an entirely new vertical that “integrates health and self-care.”


According to Piper Sandler Senior Research Analyst of Beauty and Wellness Korinne Wolfmeyer, as more people prioritize self-care, beauty and wellness are becoming increasingly intertwined. The pandemic has encouraged consumers to pay greater attention to their overall wellbeing, leading to an accelerated growth in this category.

Physical beauty is often linked to facial features and body proportions, but there’s also a more subliminal element that influences our perceptions of someone’s attractiveness. According to researchers at Penn State University, non-physical traits like personality traits and emotional stability can have an impact on how we judge someone’s physical appearance.

According to Mintel’s Andrea Wroble and Clare Hennigan, as adults adopt a more holistic approach to health and wellbeing, they’re placing increased value on finding products that cater to their evolving needs. They seek out combinations of self-care items as well as beauty items that can aid with personal objectives like reducing inflammation, getting enough sleep at night or boosting collagen production.


Mental health is becoming an increasingly prominent topic for consumers, and beauty brands are eager to learn more. Some have even developed products to help their customers manage their mental health challenges or simply boost their spirits. A recent study found that purchasing a scented candle could improve someone’s mood by 61%. Furthermore, millennials were found to be more likely to purchase skincare or cosmetic items with a mindfulness component.

Some of the most forward-thinking beauty brands have recognized this trend, making them some of the leaders in their fields. For instance, Wondermind launched in 2022 and offers a wealth of content and resources for those in need. It also has three times weekly newsletters as well as an app that lets users track their daily habits and manage symptoms.


Social beauty and wellness is a broad concept that encompasses all aspects of society, from personal relationships to social institutions. It also pertains to how individuals perceive themselves in terms of their physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.

Fitness centers, beauty salons, vitamin and supplement products or self-help books can all help people maintain health and happiness. But there’s another element that often gets lost in the conversation when discussing wellness: spirituality.

In today’s digital world, social media is an increasingly popular platform to share inspiring content that inspires and connects others. It serves as a vehicle to cultivate loyalty and boost sales through captivating, relatable material that creates excitement around a brand or product.

Maintaining an active social media presence is a crucial element of any business’ marketing plan. With consumers increasingly turning to social media for product research, businesses must ensure they are engaging with customers regularly and understanding their customer needs and how best to address them.


One of the best ways to improve your wellbeing is taking time out for self-care. Whether it be a quick massage, yoga or meditation session, you’ll feel better about yourself quickly. Plus, having more energy means you’re more likely to get out and about frequently. Plus, building social capital also has positive results; people in need will feel receptive rather than judged based on appearance; ultimately leading to happier days overall!

It’s worth mentioning that many wellness enthusiasts are turning to alternative medicine and the healing power of plants for relief from modern life’s stresses. Those fortunate enough to do so have reported feeling healthier and happier as a result. Therefore, it has become more important than ever to consider your mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing as one integrated entity.

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