Best Apple Watch For Fitness

The Apple Watch is the ultimate fitness companion. It tracks every movement you make and provides meaningful health insights while helping connect to those and things you care about.

Series 8, SE and Ultra offer more robust fitness-tracking features and include updated sensors and processors for crash detection that could save your life in an accident situation.

1. Workouts

Apple Fitness+ provides something for every type of workout enthusiast – runners, cyclists, yoga practitioners, strength trainers and meditation enthusiasts alike can all find what they’re looking for – with workout plans tailored specifically towards running, cycling, yoga, strength training or meditation exercises available on Apple Watch as a seamless integration experience. You can track all your metrics right on your wrist!

For instance, when in class and your trainer instructs you to focus on your heart rate, that number is automatically highlighted on the workout screen; during challenging intervals a countdown timer appears; and, once your workout session has come to an end, Apple Watch knows when it’s over and shuts itself off automatically.

2. Tracking

If you’re serious about fitness, then the Apple Watch Series 8 (opens in new tab) is an ideal choice. With features such as blood oxygen monitoring and ECG apps, this device makes an excellent companion on your workout journey.

If your budget doesn’t stretch to buying the latest and greatest Apple Watch model, or you simply prefer something less costly with some similar functionality, the Apple Watch SE may be an ideal solution. As one of only two Apple watches offering always-on displays during workouts or bike rides when lifting wrist is necessary to check screen, this watch offers great value.

If you’re an avid runner, Apple Watch Ultra with GPS built-in can help track your runs more accurately while eating up battery life more than its non-smartwatch counterpart Charge 5. However, tracking runs with this watch might compromise battery life more quickly than its non-smartwatch counterpart Charge 5 does.

3. Sleep

Sleep is essential to your overall health and wellbeing, helping you wake up feeling fresher and more alert the following morning. Focus on getting more quality rest to boost energy levels and improve energy levels for the day ahead.

Whoever’s hoping to get more rest can use a sleep tracking app as a tool to establish their sleeping patterns and develop a routine that fits them best. These apps use accelerometer and heart rate data to track your sleep, helping set goals for duration, quality, and consistency of restful slumber.

Apple’s own sleep app can be found in the watchOS 7 App Store and works well with all Apple Watch models. As an in-house application designed by Apple itself, this is easy to use and works seamlessly with Health app on iPhone.

4. Notifications

Owning an Apple Watch is a fantastic way to stay informed and on top of important notifications and alerts, but its constant stream can quickly become overwhelming. Luckily, there are various methods you can take control over notifications on the best apple watch for fitness.

One option to consider is disabling fitness notifications on your iPhone by visiting Apple Workout app and selecting to switch off “Make It Happen” reminders and fitness alerts.

As with the previous step, you can also turn off Apple Watch’s Fitness Focus feature that silences notifications during workouts – particularly beneficial if you don’t like being interrupted by calls or texts during their exercise sessions.

5. Music

Apple’s Watch offers more music options than any other smartwatch and allows access to your entire music library on the go through its Music app. Add songs, mark what you like, view playlists, browse album artwork and control volume with ease. Plus, Spotify works seamlessly on it as well, providing access to their full library of songs and albums!

The Series 3 Apple Watch is the ideal fitness tracker, featuring an excellent heart-rate tracker and step counter, notifications, text alerts, crash and fall detection, scratchproof screen technology for athletes in the pool or cycling ride and improved crash and fall detection features. Series 4 models provide even greater fitness tracking capability as well as built-in GPS functionality.

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