Best Fitness Apps for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV

Peloton brand bikes, treadmills, or rowers (but you don’t have to) provide access to live and on-demand classes like spin, yoga, barre, HIIT training and strength training. Testers love its high-quality videos, motivational trainers, and manageable class duration.

GGR product tester Amanda appreciates how this strength app focuses on progressive overload, pushing her to lift heavier weights over time.

Body By Blogilates

The Body by Blogilates app features an extensive workout video library without ads and monthly exercise plans designed by popular YouTube fitness guru Cassey Ho, a certified Pilates and Fitness Instructor.

The app offers a selection of low impact pilates-inspired workouts ranging from 10 minutes long up to 25. There is also a 90-day journey feature and motivational challenges available on this app.

The workouts on this app are ideal for anyone looking to sculpt abs, butt, arms, back, legs or their entire body. And since no equipment is required to use this workout plan at home or while traveling – or wherever else your journey may lead.


FitOn is an app with a vast library of free workouts that also features pro options. Users can explore strength training, yoga, barre, dance cardio and toning workouts offered by celebrities like Julianne Hough (dance), Jeannette Jenkins (“Popilates”) as well as Gabrielle Union and Jonathan Van Ness of “Queer Eye”.

This app also has a nutrition component to assist in meal planning, and premium music stations to increase motivation. In addition, you can track your progress, join live classes with other users to compete for leaderboard glory, monitor real-time heart rate (via Apple Watch, Garmin or FitBit), track progress with other users as you climb leaderboard ranks, track live classes together in real-time classes with other users to climb leaderboard rankings and monitor real-time heart rate through Apple Watch, Garmin or FitBit devices and monitor real-time heart rate monitor real time. Lindsay Cook founded this app after struggling to find studio classes suitable to her busy lifestyle – wholly understood her busyness – finding no studio classes suitable enough – hence creating this app as she found herself struggling to find suitable studio classes due to her busy schedule – creating this app after struggling to find studio classes that fitted in with her busy lifestyle requirements – something she found difficult when searching studio classes – just in her quest for studio classes suitable studio classes that met her busy lifestyle – hence creating this app after her struggling for years – finally succeeding by founding this app after finding herself struggling to find studio classes suitable for her busy lifestyle – something similar had caused her struggle when trying unsuccessfully searching studio classes offered via this App as she made up this one after her founder Lindsay Cook had started up taking charge of her busy lifestyle that helped her schedule so much more suitable studio classes to join live classes to join live classes that could fit her busy lifestyle required before having found such classes that suited her busy lifestyle required her busy lifestyle needed! Lindsay Cook created this App after struggle! Lindsay created. Lindsay Cook founder Lindsay Cook was founded it herself when trying her busy her struggles finding suitable studio classes that worked her busy schedule until eventually she came along which would eventually led her on this one that had no such one; eventually successful studio class too busy schedule for herself personally that the one herself!!

7-Minute Workout

This free app includes twelve high-intensity body weight exercises with 30 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest for optimal HIIT training, according to research that proves its efficacy as traditional exercise regimens.

Its goal is to build muscle and burn fat quickly while providing an intense full-body workout and increasing heart rate. While this type of physical activity may assist in weight loss, other forms of physical activity should also be part of a comprehensive weight management strategy.

However, over time this app may become repetitive, leading to a plateau and reduced motivation. Before beginning a new exercise program it is advisable to check with your physician as their medical condition may necessitate modifications of intensity or duration of workout sessions.

Apple Fitness Plus

Apple offers its $9.99/month Fitness+ service as an answer to connected fitness gear such as Peloton. Workout videos live within the iPhone Fitness app and can also be streamed directly onto an iPad or Apple TV for accessing.

As you follow along with workout videos, Apple Watch stats appear on-screen to keep you motivated during class sessions. When activity rings are closed during a class session, for instance, an animation celebrating their closure may pop up to keep you going strong.

Fitness+ offers workouts across several categories, such as high-intensity interval training, yoga, core strength training, treadmill running/walking (walk/run), indoor cycling/rowing/dance classes as well as mindful cooldowns. You can filter classes based on trainer, time, music preference and/or trainer preference; depending on the workout Apple Fitness Plus can show your heart rate or calories burned directly on the screen of either an iPad or Apple TV device.

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